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AI-driven Investment Engine for Cryptocurrency Markets

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Our Story

At AureaTauri we believe in progress and technology. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have become an indispensable part of the global financial markets. Driven by arbitrage forces and still facing legal issues, the crypto markets are yet immature, showing large price fluctuations and sudden price drops. Even established financial institutions, well versed in the trading of classical assets, struggle with the technical intricacies and legal hazards of this exciting new asset class. AureaTauri’s vision is to offer its clients a stable investment vehicle to be able to sucessfully navigate the ever changing crypto markets.

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Our Technology

AureaTauri’s technology is based on modern machine learning methods applied to a comprehensive data warehouse. This data layer is built by aggregating crypto market data, news feeds, social media content and macroeconomic data. In a first step, we employ natural language processing and technical indicators to transform this data into meaningful signals. Optimal portfolio allocations are then estimated by applying neural networks and tree algorithms to the predictive signals. The quality of our trading algorithms is constantly verified by our backtesting engine in order to ensure a competitive risk-return profile.

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Our Management Team


Serge Birri

Partner & Founder

Serge Birri holds an M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance as well as an M.Sc. in Computational Science and Engineering from ETH Zurich. He has many years of experience in the financial industry and became known as the founder of the first blockchain-based marketplace for holiday rentals. 


Matthias Isler

Partner & Founder

Matthias Isler is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in software engineering. As CTO and founder of various start-ups, he is an expert in the secure operation and scaling of high-availability technology platforms. He has always had a strong passion for algo trading and finance. 

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„With a good perspective on history, we can have a better understanding of the past and present, and thus a clear vision of the future."

Carlos Slim Helu

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